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Multi-functional Online Venue Booking System  – SAAS system

Management-friendly all-in-one system

Venue Reservation System

We could solve all your problems with just a click

  • Hard to find a suitable system?

  • Looking for a systematic way to manage inquiries ?

  • No idea how to build a booking website? 

  • Finding the best payment gateway? 

  • Hoping to expand your customer base?


Purpose-built flexible
product setting

  • Multi Packages for venue
  • Flexible Pricing: Charged per night/ hour/ fixed period /head
  • E-Shop & Tour Function

Management tools

  • Various booking status
  • Booking Details
  • Payment status options

Visualize calendar

  • Overview of all booking
  • Centralize booking via from different channel

Business analysis

  • Financial statements
  • Revenue overview
  • Business data analysis

Global payment gateway

  • Online and offline payment
  • Visa, Master, AE, PalPay, Alipay, Wechat Pay are accepted

Customised website

  • Own product page without design and coding skills
  • Booking Synchronisation 

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